Sunday, September 17, 2017

Wednesday, Thursday, and My Mid-Week Choices

This post is going to be about as basic as a girl wearing yoga pants, drinking a PSL and Snapchatting, but I wanted to post these outfits since they are generically useful ideas.

Somehow I made it a week and a half before wearing chambray (possibly a new record for me), but Wednesday was the day that streak ended. I bought this skirt in the spring, and even though it looks a bit like a blanket you would use for a picnic, I love it.

The shirt is one I've worn before. It works with black jeans on a Friday and is a good option to wear with all those cute patterned shorts in the summer. I like it because it lets me wear a fun necklace and it's a neutral that isn't white or off-white or black. I paired this outfit with my favorite sandals and some fun jewelry.

For some reason, probably because it was the day after Back to School Night, I decided that an after school Slurpee was in order. And it was a good decision. It typically is.

Here are a few options if you're looking for a similar look. (Side note--I love this skirt also because the material is something that can span the seasons a bit. I have a yellow sweater I wore with it in the Spring, and I'm thinking I'll pair it with a few other lightweight sweaters and some boots before fall ends.)

As a random note, I only buy my pencil skirts from J Crew Factory and Banana. I'm sure plenty of other companies make lovely skirts, but pencil skirts are just a tricky purchase (They're supposed to be fitted, so I want to REALLY trust that the skirt is well constructed...ya don't want to have a fashion crisis in the middle of class...AWKWARD!). So I'm not saying these are the only options, but as I've said so many times before, once I find a store/style I trust, I tend to stick with it.

Here's the basic style in the summer material.
Pencil skirt in double-serge cotton

And here's the winter version.

And then there are these cute patterned versions.

I'm 99% this is the skirt I have, but if not, I still trust their skirts.

product photo
As for jewelry, most of this has been posted before, but here are some options for the necklace. (They no longer have this exact one.) I think it's the only new thing.

I feel like you could wear this basically every day.
Brass-plated crystal necklace

And a bit more colorful option
Multi-color gemstone blossom necklace

On Thursday, I knew it was going to be warm, and I was starting to feel tired from the week's activities and grad school homework, etc. As I put this outfit on, I knew it was too summer-y, but I just didn't care. When a co-worker commented that I looked so summer-y, I replied, "I know. It's the wrong season."

Either way, when I remembered that we had a fire drill, I was glad to be in a comfortable skirt and sandals.  Actually, this was the reaction I had when I realized I had worn "sensible" shoes on fire drill day:

After these pieces go through the laundry, they'll be tucked away until the spring, but I didn't mind the level of comfort for a Thursday. And if you're looking for an outfit for the spring, here are some similar pieces:

This would be adorable for spring.
Ruffle-neck tank top

I think the stripes might be a cool way to mix patterns...but I'm not sure.
product photo

Here's the summer/spring version of the skirt.
This and the pencil skirt from above are two of the styles that J Crew Factory seems to constantly stock. They just seem to switch fabric for the seasons.
Ikat sidewalk skirt

Here's the fall/winter version of the skirt.
Wool sidewalk skirt

As for the sandals, here's a cute, similar option.
Sweeti Flat Sandal

And here's an option that's a little more dressed-up.
Raeleen Sandal

Okay--well, I'm off to switch my laundry and do the other 1,000 tasks one does on a Sunday evening.

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