Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Welcome, and Feel Free to Take Bets on How Long It Will Take Me to Quit Posting Here

Hi! My name is Ms. Taylor. I teach outside of DC.  Not to sound like those cheesy teachers in the back to school commercials, but I really do love my job. And I really love working with future teachers. Having conversations with future teachers always makes me think back to when I first started out, and, if I'm not careful, I try to tell them everything I wish people would have told me. But I try to cover it all in the 5 minutes in between the class they just observed and the next class. I have to measure out my advice, or I can see the overloaded look come across their faces, and then I feel bad. So, I think this blog is a way for me to get all the advice out in one place. Here's hoping it helps someone not have to figure it all out by themselves.

I've also been known to feel a sense of victory when I get the perfect dress at half price or stumble on a store-wide sale. So--I thought I might try to pass on the things I've figured out about making my teacher wardrobe work for me. I should warn you:
1. I have no hopes of being a fashion blogger--I'm not that hip, I'm too lazy, and I'm probably too cheap. So this is more of a tips, tricks and basics kind of blog.
2. I'm super picky about my clothes, but, much like my approach to friendship, I'm picky but loyal. My goal is to help you have the option to do the same--find pieces you like and can keep forever. I don't know about you, but the rush I get when I realize that I've had the same piece for 5 years, and I've worn it in 4 different ways is almost embarrassing...okay...maybe it is embarrassing.
3. My teacher style is based on my belief that it helps kids know that I take them seriously if I look like I take my job seriously. It's also rooted in the belief that I want to give my students a model of what professional wardrobes look like. Finally, it comes from the belief that I want my profession, as a whole, to be taken seriously, and I think it's hard to expect people to do that if we, as a group, don't look like we consider ourselves professionals.
4. I'm really bad at starting blogs and then forgetting about them. We'll see how long I can keep this up.

Okay--so there's the intro.

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