Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Ode to Dresses

Today was "Dress for Success" day at school, but being that it is almost May and has been raining for 4 days, I didn't really plan my outfit around that. I would consider today "Make as Few Decisions as Possible" day. Hence the dress. I'm a little obsessed with dresses. Sometimes I get kind comments from co-workers that seem to indicate they take my love of dresses to be connected to me being girly. It's actually the opposite. I love dresses because they are super easy. If you find a good dress, all you have to do is zip one zipper, and you're ready to go. You don't have to decide if a shirt goes with the skirt or if you need to tuck your shirt in and find a belt. It's the best. Here are my thoughts on dresses:

If you are starting to build a teacher wardrobe, take the time to find a brand that makes dresses that fit you well. It's so nice to know that you have a go-to store. For me, Banana Republic is my best friend...I mean my best friend that takes way too much of my money...but like most best friends, they make me look put together, so I like them. Anyway--for me, they make dresses that fit me well, make me feel polished, and are built to last. They are not only well made and hold up well, they are normally cut in ways that keep them relevant for a good while (at least for someone like me that isn't super hip). It's worth it to me to spend a bit more for a dress that will hold up well, and since they stay relevant for a while, I can add a few each year.

Having a few dresses that you can grab when you know you have a parent conference after school or a guest speaker coming makes life easier. But they're also great for rainy days when making too many decisions is more than I'm willing to do. On a totally girly note--I also like dresses like this one because the simple color and shape means I can add a colorful cardigan, piece of jewelry or shoes.

Okay--so there's my dress opinion. Find a brand that gets you and stock up!

PS--My love of cardigans will definitely come up later as well as my thoughts on flats vs. heels. I feel like Elle Woods writing that, but I'm trying to get over my fears of being trivial or self-important. Hope this helps.

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